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Every woman LOVES to hear,

"That is stunning on you.

Where did you get that?"

This is precisely why we do what we do. At Virtu our commitment to unique, sustainable, and ethically produced fashions is paramount. We're passionate about your style, which is why we only order a limited quantity of each piece we carry – timeless pieces, lifestyle pieces, funky pieces, 

Shop with us. Embrace your originality and make your statement!

Meet Our Stylists



​Deanna Fitzmaurice, the one who started it all. Deanna has a fierce personal style and serious passion for fashion.
She devours books. You'll often find her with her nose in crime fiction or the latest Isabelle Allende novel. She has a severe chocolate addiction for which she is not going to get help, as it goes so well with Pinot Noir. Her love for travel has taken her to many destinations – the favourites so far being Australia, Turkey and Machu Picchu. 

The most exhilarating 60 seconds of her life was when she blasted down the 1500 metre Olympic Bobsled run at 122 km an hour. "It was worth the whiplash to experience 5G Force and have the fastest run of the day!"


Don't let the fancy boots fool you! Deanna spent many years knee deep in chicken poop. Here are a few less well-known facts about this fabulous fashionista:
  • She's a northern Alberta farm girl (whaaaaat?!)
  • A former high school English teacher
  • Confirmed shopaholic since the age of 14
  • Mother of two gorgeous girls
  • Nana, or "BaNana" to four beautiful grand babies

"Having a personal connection with my amazing Virtu clients and reps, and searching out funky fashions keeps me so fulfilled!"



"When Karen tries on outfits she loves at Virtu we hear..."Bow chick a bow bow." and we know she is adding a new piece to one of her many closets!"

Scottish by birth, but Canadian by choice, Karen came to Virtu after seven years at Toni Plus – seven great years filled with exceptional clients and filling her closet with beautiful finds! She is an absolute clothing and accessory maven. We adore her wee Scottish accent and her crazy sense of humour!

Besides adding to her wardrobe, Karen loves to travel!  She lived in Geneva for two years working as a nanny and later worked in Greece for six months as a local bartender,  Her fav spots – Spain, Italy, Israel, Turkey, Dominican Republic and Portugal....We can just see her scouring out all of the best boutiques!

One of the craziest things she ever did was backpack through Europe and stay in a cave in Crete – the inn was full :)

Cooking and gardening are total passions, especially cooking things grown in her garden.


One thing left on her bucket list is going to a Super Bowl even if her team, the San Francisco 49ers, are not playing.



Melody was raised on a farm in rural Alberta. She started work for the local Credit Union while raising her family and stayed there for 26 years. During that time her family has grown to three sons, three daughters, and four perfect grandchildren. 

Taking after a father that enjoyed gardening and carpentering; and a mother that would find one craft after another to try; her spare time is completely filled. She has recently joined forces with her daughters, and the group has taken wood working and miscellaneous crafty projects public. "If we're really lucky or find spare time, we'll renovate a room at someone’s house or R.V.  Beating down a wall and rebuilding is the best therapy anyone could ask for!"

Melody started at Virtu in December 2019, and absolutely loves her job, the circle of friends she works with, and the clients she has the pleasure of meeting!
Amor grew up in Fort McMurray where she got her first retail job with the Dylex company. Various opportunities in Edmonton and Calgary saw her climb the retail management ranks, but her career called her back to Fort Mac where she managed an independently owned boutique.  
She eventually moved back to the  Edmonton area where she was in management at the Pear Tree for nine years – you may recognize her if you shopped there! Amor is positively passionate about the fashion industry.  Her 25 years of developing one-on-one relationships and providing exceptional service shows. Many of her former and current clients come to Virtu just to see her!  

Amor enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and reading. You will no doubt see her walking in the malls and going to unique boutiques to keep on top of fashion trends!



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